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Original Show Synopsis

Hip, creative and fun, She’s Crafty is the first craft show that dares to cross the line between craft and design. “Getting crafty” now means creating high style for your décor, with host Wendy Russell and her special guests delivering stylish do-it-yourself designs for your home without breaking the bank!

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She's Crafty FAQ's

Where can I get printed instructions for the crafts you do on “She’s Crafty”?

LOL...I didn't think they'd still be there but after some digging around I did find some of them on the website!


Here's a link to a random quiz:


Where can I buy the “She’s Crafty” DVD Box Set?

Right here!


Is Wendy related to Owen Wilson, Mitsou, Meryl Streep or Tea Leone?

Surprisingly, no. But, she has been mistaken for being related to these people numerous times.


Does “She’s Crafty” air in the USA?

As of Sept 2009, it aired on ION Life Network


How long has Wendy been crafting?

Since she was very small – her mom encouraged her to finger-paint with chocolate pudding at 14 months of age (hence her love for the stuff), taught her how to crochet when she was 8, and there is evidence of pipe cleaner and string crafts somewhere in the middle there. Wendy has been making and giving her crafts to friends and family for decades as birthday and Christmas gifts. In fact, if she shows up now without a hand-made gift, let’s just say she’s in big trouble with the recipient.


Did I see Wendy in the Oscar-winning film “Juno”?

Yes! She is in a scene with Jennifer Garner, playing one of her girlfriends. You’ll see her coming out of the elevator in the mall, with Jennifer and another actress (Wendy’s real-life high school chum Robyn Ross), as they run into Juno. Unfortunately, Wendy’s scene with Jennifer that had dialogue got cut out. But as a friend of Wendy’s said “Wendy, you make the most of those 3 seconds coming out of that elevator, girlfriend! Nice work!”


What kind of car does Wendy drive on She’s Crafty?

1961 Nash Metropolitan – the cutest car ever!


Why does Wendy sew over pins when she’s using the sewing machine?

Because she’s a lazy, lazy girl! And she’s been sewing on that same sewing machine since 1981 (her mother’s Singer), and that baby is still kicking! She knows full well it’s not good for the sewing machine to be sewing over pins, and yet she continues to do it. If Martha only knew?..she’d have her head! One day, when Wendy gets a new sewing machine and retires her mother’s circa 1981 Singer, she will likely cease from sewing over pins. In the meantime, do as Wendy says and “Don’t sew over your pins”!