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Most of us stop being creative in our teens. A time that is already filled with so much turmoil and the unknown, we, for some reason stop being the creative beings we authentically are. And there are many reasons for this. Academia takes over, school systems take artistic classes out of the curriculum, we get bored, we get interested in the opposite sex (my particular affliction), ridiculous family turmoil. What have you. 


What I know for sure (thanks Oprah for coining that phrase, btw) is that we are creative beings and we NEED some form of creativity in our lives. If not, a little bit of us dies each day. Period. That said, it doesn’t mean we all need to be famous movie stars and rock stars. 


I don’t care if you become an artist. That's not what creativity is about. What I do care about is that you know you’re creative. Whether you become a teacher, an accountant, a doctor, a car salesman, a YouTube star, your creativity will propel you beyond your wildest dreams in life. Unleash your #creativegenius and your life will rock.