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Come get crafty with me October 25!

Hey crafties! If anyone is in Toronto on Saturday October 25 or knows someone that lives here, I’m teaching a super fun class! Please spread the word! There will be an amazing selection of craft tools and supplies you’ll go home with including great decor and gift ideas you’ll make in class. We’re using fabrics from Camelot Fabric’s “NightFall” collection. See you there!

Camelot Fabrics “Nightfall” Collection

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Kitchen Impossible!?

I just designed the kitchen for my new house – and it’s gotta be Ikea! Always been a fan of Ikea – I’ve been assembling their furniture since I was 12! LOL. This time…not so much. I’m soooo going to pay someone to install the kitchen while I paint the rest of the house! On second thought….maybe I should pay someone to paint too…

This is what it looked like when we bought it…..

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She’s Crafty Buys a House!

I’m so excited to share my news! My hubbie and I bought a house and we take possession today….. Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait to DEMO it and DESIGN it and DIY it! Stay tuned! @shescrafty_ #shescrafty

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Seasons Christmas Show 2011

Seasons Christmas Show

November 18-20/2011

If you’re in Toronto (Mississauga) this Saturday November 19th, I’m teaching a super fun, super crafty class at 2:30pm. It’s a Saucy Christmas Stocking and for $26 you get all the supplies including Westcott Brand scissors and 3D paint from ILoveto Create. Come on down!

And then hang around because at 4pm I’ll be on stage talking “Easy DIY Gift Ideas”. See you there!

Yours in craft, Wendy xo

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Come to My Class at the CreativFestival Oct 22!

Hey crafties! If anyone is in Toronto this weekend (Sat Oct 22) or knows someone that lives here, I’m teaching a super fun “hack your t-shirts up and make em into something cool” class! The class is only $20! Please spread the word! Especially if you’ve got teens…they’re going to love it! Plus we’ll have craftie freebies for all! See you there!

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Video: Get Your Home Organized for Spring

Get Your Home Organized for Spring

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“Dirty Laundry” Tees: Instructions

Hey Crafties!

I’m getting lots of requests for “Dirty Laundry’s” T-shirt project, so here’s the instructions!  So, get busy, would ya?


  • 1 blank or vintage t-shirt of your choice
  • store bought stencils or draw your own image on paper
  • temporary spray adhesive or photo mount spray
  • newspaper
  • small pieces of coloured t-shirt fabric to create graphic image
  • Stitch Witchery™ fusing

TOOLS: embroidery scissors, large fabric scissors, needle, embroidery thread, straight pins, iron, ironing board

  1. Trace out the stencils onto paper or draw your own images.  Increase or decrease the size of your image to suit your chosen t-shirt with the use of a photocopy machine.
  2. Using the spray adhesive, attach the Stitch Witchery™ fusing to pieces of fabric that are the same size as your graphic image.
  3. Lightly dust the back of your graphic image with spray adhesive and place it on top of the fabric with the Stitch Witchery™ fusing on the back.  (Make sure your grain lines are running in the same direction, vertically.)
  4. Carefully cut around the image.
  5. Once cut out, gently peel the photocopied image away from the fabric.
  6. Cut apart the blank t-shirt along the seams, and be sure to neatly trim away the serged edges to create a clean finish.
  7. Arrange the fabric cut-outs onto the front of the t-shirt.  Set the iron on high temperature, and press the fabric cut-outs for several seconds using a lot of steam.
  8. Thread the needle with embroidery thread and tie a double knot at the end. The length of the thread should be 5” (12.7 cm) longer than the area being sewn.  Begin at shoulders and stitch the t-shirt back together using a straight stitch or running stitch.  Knot off at the beginning and end of each pattern piece.  Follow next with the arms and then finally the body.


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Getting Crafty with Ticket Stub Collections

I’m adding a new section to my blog – I’m answering as many fan letters as I can!

Here’s a letter from Laura Miranda via Facebook:

You are my girl crush! getting married in november and i have two boxes full of ticket stubs receipts just a lot of good times with my love just wondering what would be the best way to display the day of the wedding?

Oh Laura….aren’t you sweet! I have a couple of girl crushes myself. And listen, if I knew you, I’m sure you’d be one of them. 🙂

I have the same collection! All of the concert and events we’ve ever been to. I have mine in a photo album. So, you could put them in an album, scrapbook, what-have-you. And leave that out on the table where you’ve got the guest book for the guests to flip through. You could also put them in a large frame, shadowbox, or diy corkboard…and then hang it on the wall at the reception. If you want to get really fancy, you could add them to the top of a coffee table (use either double stick tape or decoupage glue) and either put a piece of glass on top to protect them, or for a more permanent application, pour resin over top.
Hope that helps! Happy wedding! W xo



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Canadian Living Magazine ~ April 2011

The latest issue of Canadian Living magazine is out! The April 2011 issue features my latest contribution in “Home Matters”! On page 133, see my eco-friendly, multi-purpose Earth Day project!

I used a recycled cabinet door, a vintage tin clock face (thanks to my editor Karen Kirk!), vintage door knobs & rusty bike chain.

Special thanks to Cyclemania in Toronto for the free bike chain~ you guys rock! 416-533-0080

Everything else I picked up at ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) and Michael’s Craft Store.




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Do-It-Yourself Santa Sack

Do-It-Yourself Santa Sack by Wendy Russell

Forget using wrapping paper this year! Be earth friendly by making your own Santa Sack!


  • Plain pillowcase
  • Fabric paints (acrylic paint also works if you don?t plan to wash the case)
  • 1? foam paint brush
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Scissors
  • Decorative trims (optional ? don?t apply if you plan to wash the case)
  • Bounty® paper towels
  1. Insert 4 sheets of Bounty paper towel inside the pillowcase to ensure that the paint won?t seep through to the back side of the case.
  2. Apply paint to the palm of your hand using a 1? foam paint brush.
  3. To make a wreath shape, roll your hand from one side to the other on the pillowcase. Go around in a large circle until you have a ?wreath? shape. You will have to reload paint on your hand every few impressions.
  4. Cut 1? circles from a (clean!) kitchen sponge. Using contrasting paint colours stamp the circles on to the wreath.
  5. If desired, hot glue decorative trim around the circumference of the wreath. Add a bow or star to the centre top of the wreath using hot glue.
  6. Add your name by using dimensional fabric paint. Let pillowcase dry for 24 hours. Remove paper towel from inside the pillowcase. Merry Ho Ho!

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